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Pythagorean logo

Have you noticed?

It is Pythagoras himself

Our logo is inspired by various illustrations of Pythagoras, corresponding to different times.

The gaze of the scholar points to the right in all of them.

Pythagorean logo


It is composed of right triangles

Yes! the same triangles by which we met the sage and the theorem that made him immortal, The Pythagoras Theorem.

In turn, all the triangles form another right triangle of greater proportion.


Our name

Our name does not represent Pythagoras, but rather his disciples

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras formed a highly selective society made up of wise men  headed by himself, this was called the Pythagoreans.

The Pythagoreans proclaimed that all existence was made up of natural numbers and their ratios.


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Einstein and Newton would have.

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Pythagorean Logo